Business Litigation

Business Litigation

When a commercial dispute arises, everything from contract concerns to large lawsuits can disrupt the course of regular business. Having competent legal counsel to advise the company on the issues at hand lets businesses focus less on dealing with these disagreements and focus more on running their companies.

Understanding Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation involves the various types of disputes that may arise in a business context, including breaches of contract, class actions, construction claims, shareholder issues, and more.
At Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC, when a business dispute arises, our attorneys will aggressively advocate for you both in and out of the courtroom. We worked with clients in the oil and gas sector, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, real estate and development firms, construction companies, and many others.

Types of Commercial Litigation

With so many different potential conflicts that may arise when doing businesses, it’s important to remember commercial litigation can be complicated by a variety of factors. When a dispute happens, it’s crucial to seek the advice of an experienced business litigation attorney to navigate issues with skill, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our commercial litigation services include assistance with the following:

Contract Disputes

While there are many different reasons to enter a contract, there are just as many reasons why a dispute or breach could occur. Contract disputes occur when one or more parties to an agreement disagree about its terms. Because properly executed contracts are legally binding, any violation or disagreement regarding the terms can result in potential legal action.

Real Estate Contract Disputes

Buyers and sellers of real estate often use a purchase agreement or contract of sale to finalize agreements. If a buyer or seller fails to comply with the contract, the dispute resolution process specified within the contract must be adhered to.

Construction Disputes

Construction industry businesses regularly deal with complex and expensive projects. While companies properly design and construct work, construction firms also deserve full and timely payment for their services.

Catastrophic Incident Defense

Insurance claims litigation involves disputes concerning the scope and effect of insurance policies and other related contracts. The ability to recover financial damages in insurance litigation can depend on the interpretation of a policy.

Partnership Disputes

When a partnership is formed, it usually begins with seemingly aligned interests and plans for the future. However, for a multitude of reasons, over time these agreements can turn sour and result in a partnership dispute.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders play a vital role in making business decisions. At times, however, they may not see eye-to-eye and disagreements can occur regarding the company’s direction, financial obligations, or its treatment of stakeholders. When this happens, our business lawyers can seek out the legal remedies available.

Commercial Litigation Attorneys in The Woodlands

At Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC, we have over 25 years of experience handling commercial litigation claims in Houston and The Woodlands. Our team of experienced attorneys can assist your company with a variety of complex business disputes. We are dedicated to assisting in the navigation of legal issues your company may face. Contact Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC today for more information on how we can help you.