Real Estate and Development

Real Estate and Development

As Texas’ population grows, so does the demand for real estate development. Keeping up with the fast pace of an ever-growing population, the growing need for competent representation in a multi-faceted industry becomes evident. The complicated world of real estate development leaves room for error without the proper guidance of counsel. One wrong move and an entire acquisition or development deal could potentially spiral downward into an unknown, unprofitable fate.

This is when the experienced attorneys at Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC come into play, each equipped with their own hands-on, in-depth industry knowledge. Our legal team produces solution-oriented strategies that prove beneficial to our clients. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, developer, or builder, the real estate attorneys at Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC are dedicated to serving all aspects of each client’s litigation needs and we remain prepared to fight on their behalf.

Real estate law pertains to three types of property, each of which has its own unique issues; meaning clients may need the assistance of a real estate attorney for a variety of reasons at varying times, including for:


Real estate transactions are governed by federal and state statutes, and involve many parties and agreements in order to reach fruition. The attorneys at Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC are experienced in handling the nuances that follow the transaction process across commercial, industrial, and residential real estate.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

Acquisitions and dispositions are defined in real estate law as the process of documenting, negotiating, and closing real estate transactions. In order to complete clean and optimized transactions across portfolios, guidance from a real estate attorney is crucial.


The attorneys at Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC are experienced in acting on the behalf of clients for all phases of commercial, residential and industrial real estate development. Utilizing skills necessary to negotiate successful transactions, we ease clients’ worries concerning the various aspects and players involved in development, such as stakeholders, landowners, and various public and private interests.

Land Use in Real Estate Law

Our lawyers advise clients on concerns of land use regulations, zoning, building codes, and regulations for real estate development and construction.

Legal Documents

Real estate development can be a lengthy process requiring multiple drafts and reviews in order to minimize the risks associated with its projects. Mitby Pacholder Johnson PLLC’s attorneys provide legal document assistance through drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and litigation for our clients across the commercial, residential, and industrial real estate markets.

Real estate development disputes can arise from a variety of properties and portfolios, including residential properties, hotels, industrial buildings, and commercial properties such as retail centers and restaurants. This means a variety of issues and concerns can require litigation during any phase of real estate development. To ensure your properties and corresponding profits are protected and maximized, the guidance of an experienced real estate lawyer is crucial.